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6:40 minutes (9.16 MB)

An epic song about finding a new world where love flows freely. Only problem is that you have to face your greatest fears to pass through the doorway into this new world.

I Don't Know You

3:49 minutes (3.51 MB)


5:57 minutes (5.45 MB)


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4:01 minutes (3.68 MB)

tropic rock / nautical country ... a real fun song ,, you will love it !!!!

Dreaming of You

5:05 minutes (6.99 MB)


3:04 minutes (5.62 MB)

I wrote this song when my lil cuz. was taken by crib death some thing i had heard about but did,nt know about tell it hit my family wildflower is my veiw of everbody being there own wildflower.

Take Another Drop, Sip It Up, Sip It[UP!]

3:07 minutes (4.57 MB)

Basically, i wrote this song a couple of weeks ago and it is my satirical remarks on the disillusion that alcohol can numb the pain and solve all of your problems. I was inspired by a couple of my friends who decided it would be great to start drinking all the time again to 'get away from it all.' The whole chorus is sarcasm and 90% of the song is falsetto. I am just using garage band on a Mac so don't judge to harshly. lol.

Hope you enjoy!

High 2 the Sky

3:28 minutes (4.76 MB)

heres a my insiration and also a track off my debut mixtape called 'Mind of a Hustle Vs. Genius" were i took a commercial beat and remade the song how i would have done it if given the oppurtunity. Just a composite of what i can offer to the music industry.

Cant Get her OUt of my head

2:54 minutes (3.32 MB)

meeting your soul mate

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